In Wilderness: Beam Through the Dust
2019 sole at Taipei Fine Arts Museum,Taipei,Taiwan
stone carving series
曠野的溫柔 In Wilderness
Solo held in Sydney, Australia, 2017
回家的記號 Coming Home
i send you this short note
various tiny sizes painting installation, since 2013
Colour Pocket Book Project/ 26歲的顏色
on going project since 2013. more info:
全新的你 From Now On
2014 solo at VT ART SALON, Taipei, Taiwan.
Take Me Higher, Draw Me Deeper
Multiple sizes painting installation, exhibited at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, 10.2013- 1.2014.
家庭相簿 The Family Album
Multiple painting installation, 2009- 2012. Collected by White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
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